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>>> i'm wolf blitzer reporting live from boston. >> and i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta. welcome to this special edition of the "cnn newsroom." wolf. >> we're learning, fred, new developments in the boston marathon bombing suspect investigation. new exclusive information about a jihadist video that the older brother, the 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, had posted on his youtube account. we're going to show you that in just a few moments. stand by for that. first, i want to update all of our viewers on the surviving suspect, the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still hospitalized in what doctors describe as serious but stable condition. federal officials say he has injuries to his throat. he's unable to speak. he could be charged, though, by federal prosecutors as early as today. right at his hospital bedside. you just heard that from the attorney general of massachusetts, martha coakley, in our interview here in boston. for more, though, on what's going on, let's bring in our crime and justice correspondent joe johns. he's working his sources over at the justic
>>> this is a special "cnn newsroom." i'm wolf blitzer in washington. some real signs of progress in housing market today. figures released for february show home prices rose faster, get this, faster than anytime since 2006. christine romans joining us from new york right now. christine, the report says home prices climbed, what, 9.3% from the same time last year? that's very impressive. what's driving the increase? >> well, very low interest rates, cash buyers, wolf from all over the world, quite frankly. there's not a lot of inventory in some places. if you want to buy a house, you have to pay up for it because there aren't a lot of choices for it. all of those things coming together. wlo look at price increases. the fastest year over year spike in home price is since 2006. we remember 2006 the peak of the bubble overall. look where the biggest home prices increases are, wolf in some parts of the country, up double digits. look at san francisco, up almost 19% year over year. las vegas, up more than 17%. phoenix, home prices, wolf, from february last year to february this year, u
this week. i'll see you next week. >>> i'm wolf blitzer reporting live from boston. >> and i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta. welcome to this special ediction of the "cnn newsroom." wolf? >> we have several new developments unfolding in boston right now. the boston bombing investigation intensifying. here's what we did tell you right now. here are the latest developments. the suspect who was captured friday night is dzhokhar tsarnaev, could be charged by federal prosecutors as recaearl today at his hospital bed. he's at beth israel deaconess center. he's in serious condition. a federal official says he has injuries to his throat and is unable to speak. we'll have a live report from the hospital in just a few minutes. our elizabeth cohen is standing by. first, we want to catch you up on some of the other developments, up to date on the charges that the suspected bomber may actually face, and show you some new riveting images of that intense manhunt that led to his capture. we're watching all of this unfold. for that, let's go to cnn's joe johns, our crime and justice correspondent. he's
of the boston marathon bombings, continues right now with wolf blitzer in boston. >> thanks very much, christine. before the sun rises, boston tries to vanquish the nightmare. city workers scrub away blood stains and remove bricks, marred by last week's bombing. boyleston street inches toward a new sense of normalcy. >>> good morning, i'm wolf blitzer, reporting live from here in boston. there have been several major developments coming out of the boston this morning. let's get you caught up right now on all of them. this morning, boylston street, right behind me, reopens, the epicenter, reopening to pedestrians but not vehicles. and not yet. insult to injury, the families of those wounded in the attacks are outraged. they are demanding the two terror suspects be moved from the same hospital where the alleged victims are now recovering. and next stop in the investigation, dagestan. u.s. officials arrive in the russian republic to interview the parents of the accused killer. let's take a look at the reopening of boylston street in the heart of boston. crews worked to replace bricks and repair the
will hand it over to my able friend, wolf blitzer and "the situation room." mr. blitzer, take it away. >> thanks very much. happening now, how police got the bombing suspects. we have a gripping blow-by-blow account of the fatal gun battle in the streets and a final showdown in the suburban driveway. i will speak with the watertown, massachusetts, police chief. >>> also, extraordinary thermal images taken from a helicopter that showed police where the suspect was moving inside that tarp-covered boat in the driveway. you will see what they saw. >>> and from russia, cnn speaks exclusively with the father of the two suspects. plus, you will hear an emotional interview with their uncle, who has a special message for his surviving nephew. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> we are reporting live from boston right now. one suspect dead, another in custody, and entire city breathing a whole lot easier right now. but there's also an urgent search for answers in the boston marathon bombings. here are th
there is a lot right here. wolf blitzer on cnn whose beard only rivals joels over here, wolf blitzer said we have to mention today is tax day and patriots day and who knows if that had anything to do with it. those on the right who consider themselves tea party patriots or whatever they want to call themselves took offense and thought immediately wolf blitzer was pointing the finger at them. i read the transcript and i saw the clip, and he did nothing of the sort. everybody goes a little crazy, and i think we react very emotionally in times like this. >> but joel, there are emotional responses when people say oh my god. that's an emotional response. this is terrible. but the emotional responses say it is you. david frum did this to conservatives after sandy hook. a lot of people do it after those kinds of tragedies. what is it? why? can't you wait? >> just speaking earn personally, i refuse to speculate about which right wing group is responsible. i think it is because these are senseless things and evil is senseless and unpredictable and it is the pattern that people use to make sense of somethi
our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting. this is "the situation room," special report, north korean crisis. we're tracking developments that could push the region closer to war. >>> he's armed and dangerous. we'll take a closer look at what may be driving kim jong-un to make brazen threats and defy the world. >>> and dialing it down. the obama administration addresses concerns that its response to this crisis has only made matters worse. >>> one of the most dangerous regimes in the world and now north korea says it's on the brink of war. u.s. officials fear it may be planning a missile launch soon. the threats have been amping up every day from a nation under the thumb of a young and unpredictable leader. kim jong-un is armed with a huge military, powerful conventional we papons and a nuclear program. this hour, our correspondents take a look at the threat to the united states and the world and president obama's response. christiane amanpour and fareed zakaria will give us the global view of the crisis. but we begin with barbara starr. b
to welcome our viewers in the united states an around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. this is a cnn "the situation room" special report. the north korean crisis happening now. defensive missiles are up and arm. waiting for north korea's dangerous move that could happen at any time. how can kim jong-un test his missiles and the patience of the world. we're following the money. >>> americans on vacation in a crisis zone. their pleasure tour of north korea. >>> u.s. officials fear this could -- could be the week that north korea goes ahead with a provocative missile launch or something everyone worse. kim jong-un's regime warns the region is coming in the words of hot bed of war. north korea is suspending operations and a huge industrial complex near the border jointly owned with south korea. our correspondents are covering this unfolding crisis and u.s. response with tons of thousands of americans potentially at risk. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent right now, barbara starr. what's the very latest, barbara? >> well, wolf, at this hour, we can tell you that the u.s. intelligence c
the live coverage of the aftermath of the boston bombing continues right now with wolf blitzer in boston. >> christine, thanks very much. step by step, page after page, a how-to of bomb making, a glossy and deadly outreach from al qaeda. the terrorist group in an article entitled "how to make a bomb in your mom's kitchen." was this the man who helped the boston marathon bombers? "newsroom" special coverage of the boston marathon bombings begins right now. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer rocketing live from boston. several major developments out of boston this morning. let's get you caught up, if you are just catching up on the latest developments back home. but far from back to normal. beginning next hour, police will take down the first barricades on boylston street, and allow business owners and residents to slowly but surely return home. we're learning more about the terror plot. who was involved? how did they develop it? and why? and the beginning of the end. police say sodzhokhar tsavraev newly released surveillance p
. wolf blitzer's joining us live. wolf, this is not the kind of universal background check the obama administration had wanted or had been pushing. this is very limited. it is a watered down version. is this the best that the president thinks he's going to get? >> probably, if he can get it. it's by no means a done deal, it's a done deal, suzanne. it's got to get through the senate and then house of representatives. let's see what happens as far as amendments are concerned, what kind of nra-type amendments might be attached that would turn off the other side, the gun control advocates. but you're right, it doesn't include all of the universal background checks, the expansion that the president, so many democrats really wanted. but this is a compromise by two moderate members of the senate. both of whom have good records with the nra. pat toomey and joe. we'll see if the republican gets this. he's not going to get the other stuff he really wanted, the high capacity ammunition clips, he's not going to get anything on the military-type assault weapons, but this is a step as far as the w
put you in the able ahands of wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now, president obama making what's expected to be a very emotional push for gun control this hour, not far from the scene of the newtown, connecticut, school massacre. >>> also, the parents of a young american diplomat killed in afghanistan talked to me this hour about how their daughter died doing what she loved so much. >>> plus, why some members of congress want beyonce's vacation with jay-z investigated. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." it's hallowed ground but also a rallying cry. this hour, president obama is not far from the sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. he's meeting with families of some of the 26 students and teachers killed in that horrific mass shooting in december. and later this hour the president will make what his aides are describing as an emotional push for stronger gun control laws, an issue that the u.s. senate will take up in the coming days. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is here in "the situa
in wolf blitzer. and wolf, good to see you as always. the president is talking about this compromise, of course, expanded background checks. it sounds rather limited, that this would not necessarily cover private sales but perhaps gun shows and internet sales. these exchanges wouldn't necessarial necessarially apply. >> it is not what they wanted. they wanted universal background checks. every gun sale in effect to make sure that whoever buys a gun has a background check, there are no criminals, felons, terrorists, mentally ill people. this is a step in the right direction from the president's perspective, certainly not what he really wanted and he wanted more than just universal background checks. he wanted a ban on those semi assault weapons, the assault-type weapons. he wanted a limit on how many bullets could be on thois magazi magazines. those issues are not on the table right now. they don't have much republican support and some democrats strongly oppose those kinds of expanded areas of gun control. this would be a step as far as the president is concerned in the right directio
.c. wolf blitzer was there. he was watching that live. he joins us live to continue coverage. wolf, i'll toss it over to you. >> ashleigh, thanks very much. thank kvevin for all of our viewers. president obama faces serious questions about the pressing issues in the was around the world from bombings in boston to the war in syria. the president a few moments ago, as you saw live on cnn, wrapped up a news conference with reporters in the white house briefing room. on the war in syria, evidence that chemical weapons were used. the president say his wants to make sure he has all of the facts before taking any direct, new action. >> if i can establish in a way that not only the united states but also the international community feel confident is the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime, then that is a game changer because what that portends is potentially even more devastating attacks on civilians and it raises the strong possibility that those chemical weapons can fall into the wrong hands. >> let's dig deeper now. gloria borger, she watched the news conference with all of us. the
you so much, wolf. this is a special edition of the "cnn newsroom" with wolf blitzer in boston. i'm here in atlanta. >>> so we have a lot more information about what's taken place over the course of the last week. more information about the jihadist video now that the older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev had on his youtube aaccount. >>> but first, here are the latest details on the surviving suggest expect, the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still being hospitalized. he's listed in steer eerious bu stable condition. an official says he has injuries to his throat and is unable to talk. he could be charged by federal prosecutors today right at his hospital bedside. wolf? >> that would be a pretty dramatic moment if in fact a judge or magistrate shows up at the beth israel deaconess medical center, goes to the bedside of this 19-year-old suspect and formally noichz him of what's going on as far as federal charges are concerned. >> it would indeed. >>> let's take a look at what else we know about the process, the justice department coming up with some for
press conference is just moments away. i leave you with wolf blitzer in the situation room. before i do i just want to make it very clear to all the boston red sox fans out there. yes, we are all red sox fans this week even if normally we're not. wolf blitzer, take it away. >>> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're waiting for the start of an important fbi news conference. it is about to begin with the latest developments in this investigation. we'll have live coverage as soon as it begins. this is preliminary comments, not the news conference itself. they're just giving some instructions out there about the news conference. it should begin within the next few minutes. we'll have live coverage. we've been waiting for more than 24 hours for the start for this fbi news conference to begin. they've just given us -- that man you just saw there -- what is called a five-minute warning. it should begin around 5:05 eastern. here are the latest developments in the investigation into the boston bombings. first, a source tel
. newsroom special coverage of the boston bombings begins right now. good morning, i'm wolf blitzer reporting live from boston. we're following all of the latest developments here. some of the latest developments this monday morning in boston. charges could be filed as soon as today for the surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. officials say evidence recovered suggests, suggests, he and his brother were planning another attack. some 55 people remain hospitalized at multiple facilities throughout the boston area. as families mourn those killed, a funeral will be held this morning for krystle campbell and memorial service is scheduled later tonight for lingzi lu. and following a tense friday under lockdown, bostonians this morning are heading back to work, resuming a bit of normality. but the blast site a stretch of boylston street that includes copley square near the marathon's finish line remains closed at least for now. boston's police commissioner telling cnn the area is expected to remain -- to reopen, i should say, in the next day or two. right now let's start with the surviving suspect dz
. cnn anchor wolf blitzer will be played by a furby. wayne lapierre will be played by raiders of the lost ark. jay carney will be played by ralphy from "a christmas story." ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge honor. thank you very much. >> one of the best, conan o'brien. i will see you back here at the top of the hour at 8:00 eastern. "dr. sanjay gupta md" will be baon after a short break. >>> i will tell you, i was walking around here yesterday afternoon and it was filled with people out to eat at restaurants to enjoy this great city and show their support that boston is, indeed, strong. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena.® has the best pickup coverage in america, with a new 2-year, 24,000-mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a 5-year, 100,000-mile po
in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. this is a "situation room" special to report north korean crisis. we're following breaking news. a chilling new claim about the ability to launch a nuclear attack even as his regime threatens war. >> we begin now with some breaking news. war could break out at any moment. there may, repeat, may be new reason to fear that it's threats of a nuclear attack are much more serious than we thought. it's a stunning new development. even as kim jung un could order one missile to launch literally at any time. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent. >> officials just told me they were completely caught off guard that this revelation was put out there in an open hearing. the holy grail has always been able to take a nuclear bomb, which we know they have, and making it small enough to fit on the end of a missile. this assess. suggests they may learned how to do so. rev laxs from a new development show he may be capable of following through. the north currently has weapons capable of delivery. >> congressman quoted from a new intelligence assess
police chief talking with wolf blitzer. >> at some point the first brother who died at the scene, he all of the sudden comes out from undercover and just starts walking down the street shooting at our police officer. trying to get closer. my closest police officer is five to ten sfeet away. they're exchanging gun fire. he runs out of ammunition, the bad guy. one of my police officers comes out and tackles him on the street, they're trying to handcuff him. there's two or three police officers handcuffing him -- >> the older brother. >> the older brother. at the same time one of them yells out, look out and here comes the black suv, the car jacked car directly at him. they dive out of the way and he runs over his brother and drags him down the street. >> in effect killing his brother. yes, that's what we think. >> let's go live now to the campus of u. mass dart mouth. that's where dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. chris, to people on campus know this guy? >> reporter: a lot of them do, don. in fact we spoke with several students who were good friends of dzhokhar. one of them said he saw dzh
. >> it was an astonishing thing to see on television, but imagine actually being there at the scene. wolf blitzer spoke to williams about his harrowing experience. >> i was behind the door of our news vehicle at the time when all of this was going on, there was our news car and about five police officers. this is before the army of police came in, so i started behind our door but then when i saw the officers with their guns backing up i knew we were in a pretty serious situation so then i would run and get behind another car. you know, i was saying in our coverage that the bullets when we arrived, they were going by us. your first instinct is to take cover wherever you can. >> i take it you're not necessarily a war correspondent. you don't have a lot of experience covering gunfire like this. >> not at all. you've been in those zones, i have not. seeing the officers with the helmets and putting their bullet proof vests on and i guess that's when the journalistic instinct kicks in to stay safe but thoen carry the store yif at the same time. >> how scared were you? >> at the time i think i was just in the
. earlier today cnn's wolf blitzer spoke by phone with the former husband of one of the suspects' sisters. he is convinced the brothers had help, if not with the plot itself at least with the mind t mindset. take a listen. >> i believe that there are other people involve d. >> when you say other people involved, what does that mean? >> some movement. i mean some extremists, terrorists, not terrorists, but like extremely radical people. i don't want to point out the religion itself because it's a peaceful religion, but there are people who preaching it the wrong way probably. so i believe, yes, there are some people involved. i don't blame the special -- the secret service. i don't blame the fbi, i don't believe in framing. but i do believe that someone preached them -- preached tamerlan so much and this has come in from the mosques or religious groups in boston. i don't believe dagestan is involved in it. >> again, that was one of the suspects' ex-brothers-in-law speaking by phone to wolf blitzer from cask stan. i want to bring in cnn's barbara starr now because she has new information o
the clock security as texas governor rick perry explains to wolf blitzer. >> are you beefing up security for other law enforcement personnel in texas including yourself? >> well, obviously, the prosecutors in the state of texas and all people who are elected officials, we ask them to always pay attention to their surroundings, to be cognizant of their security needs. if there are individuals who are requesting beefing up, you will, of security, we will address that each situation by itself. >> the day before mcclelland was killed, even he was concerned about security. this video obtained by cbs news shows mcclelland checking out an antique gun at a local gun store. the store owner tells cnn he wasn't there to buy a gun for himself, but was worried about security for his colleagues. >> he was in there friday asking about what he should get his co-workers as self protection. i recommended the .38 smith and wesson snubnose. >> so he was concerned? >> he was concerned for them. for himself, he was at ease. >> reporter: and it's his concern for others that people best remember this tough talk
the latest on the investigation but now is the time that i want to bring in the situation room's wolf blitzer. crazy day today. >> it certainly has been. you know what? that's what happens in these investigations. you get conflicting information. you go with what you have presuming it's accurate. then if it's not you fix it and you move on. >> there's obviously some break in the case that we know of today. some surveillance video of somebody who law enforcement wants to speak with, somebody who was there, has not been designated as a suspect or person of interest but law enforcement wants to talk to this individual but that's all we know as of now. >> we're anxious to hear what the fbi, what the governor, what the mayor, what they have to say. i know they've delayed this news conference, supposed to be at the top of the hour. we'll see what time it happens and get the latest information from them. >> looking forward to "the situation room." i leave it in your able hands. >> thanks. to our viewers, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we wanto
headquarters in atlanta. see you here in one hour. "the situation room" with mr. wolf blitzer begins in a few moments on cnn. >>> new information about north korea's ability to launch a nuclear attack, even if kim jong-un threatens to test a missile at any moment. >>> congress debates gun control. chris cuomo shows us what it is like to go through a federal background check. it is a process. tough it up. >>> and the newest member of the cnn family, world renowned chef, anthony bourdain, joins us with a preview of his brand new show. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." north korea's warning war could break out at any moment. now there may be new reason to fear that kim jong-un's threat of a nuclear attack are more serious than the world thought before. let's go to our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. chris, does the u.s. still think north korea is going to test the missile? >> reporter: they think it is a matter of time at this point, although obviously they would prefer he not conduct
lead." i now leave you in the able hands of my friend and colleague wolf blitzer who is right this minute in "the situation room." >>> thanks very much. happening now a cnn exclusive. we're learning about a secret bomb making camp attended by foreigners in dagestan and the shadowy militant who may have influenced a visitor from boston. but would the bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev radicalized by a friend back home? right here in massachusetts we're looking into the mysterious man accused of brain washing him. you'll hear the vice president of the united states joe biden eloquent talking about the loss at a memorial service for a murdered police officer. and scornful of what he calls two cowardly, knock off jihadis. i'm wolf blitzer in boston. here are the latest developments of the boston bombings. no cause of death found yet for the alleged bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. the body remains in the custody of the state's chief medical examiner. the suspect's mother says burial has been arranged at a cambridge mosque but the islamic society of boston says local imams would not be com
" starts right now with wolf blitzer. >>> thanks very much. happening now, what seemed impossible just a little while ago is now on the fast-track in congress. why are lawmakers suddenly working together on something that could change the law on who can become an american stit zen? >>> crude oil from canada flowing in the streets of an arkansas subdivision. residents forced out of their homes. what will all this mean for the bitter debate over the keystone pipeline? >>> and a washington suburb, get this, pays $1 million to build a bus stop. riders say it doesn't even keep out the rain. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." right now fundamental changes in the works here in washington, change that will determine just who can become an american citizen. small groups of lawmakers in both the senate and the house, they have been working on comprehensive immigration reform, and they may introduce their plans when congress returns from spring break. why is congress suddenly cooperating on such a sensitive and important issue? our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is her
to the slammer. that's it for "the lead." i leave you with wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> thanks very much. happening now, put guns in the schools to stop school shootings. that's the controversial finding of an nra backed task force on school security. we'll talk with the former congressman asa huchlts. >>> also the army decides against awarding purple hearts to the victims of the fort hood shooter. former presidential newt gingrich is outraged and is standing by live. this hour to discuss right here in "the situation room." >>> and the phone rings during dinner. you pick it up to hear an annoying recorded sales pitch. now winners of a government contest may have found ways to stop those robocalls. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." outrage swept the nation after the newtown, connecticut school shootings and the nra kept a low profile in the immediate days afterwards but now as the urgency to act on gun violence has seemingly faded, and congressional efforts have floundered, an nra task force has outlined its plan for school safety. jim acosta is coming into the situat
and i leave you with wolf blitzer in "the situation room". >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now a break through deal on background checks that could let gun legislation move forward but there's still plenty of opposition in congress and beyond. this hour i'll speak with gun owners of america larry pratt. what is it like to go through the existing federal background check. see how chris cuomo buys a gun himself. she's a high-profile victim of gun violence, gabrielle giffords and her husband talk about what their life is like right now. i'm wolf blitzer, this is the situation room special report, guns under fire. >>> it's being hailed as a break through a bipartisan compromise that could possibly lead to expanded background checks on gun purchases. but after the slaughter of 20 first graders and six educators it spurred a drive to crack down on gun violence. we're devoting this hour to the gun control battle and we begin with our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash who has the very latest. >> reporter: you're right. after the sandy hook shooting there was a lot of talk of
tears to many people in the audience. now to the able hands of wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now, new developments in the boston bombing investigation. authorities dig through a massachusetts landfill looking for a laptop. the fbi coming up with some new clues this hour. also extraordinary stories of heroism. a carjacking victim tells how he was held by the suspects for 90 minutes, threatened with death before a daring escape. >>> an off duty firefighter tells how he helped save one of the youngest bombing victims. we'll hear from the man who noticed a suspicious figure only moments before his legs were blown off and still managed to put authorities on the trail of the suspects. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> authorities today are literally digging for evidence in the boston bombing case. they've been combing a massachusetts landfill for a computer belonging to one of the suspects. let's go straight to cnn's brian todd in boston with all the latest developments. brian? >> wolf, this according to a law enforcement
. sell it to pay for my kids' college education. all for me. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer. >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now, a stunning apology from president obama after his comments about a state attorney general, a close friend, are widely criticized as sexist. >>> a punch to the gut. even the president's former chief economist is wincing at the grim new jobs report. is the economy slipping back into serious trouble? >>> and the texas governor rick perry speaking his mind on guns, on immigration, on the letter he gave the president two or three years ago that still hasn't received in his words a response. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> all those stories ahead but we begin with an ominous new sign that north korea is edging closer and closer to launching a new missile. the north today warned foreign diplomats in the capital of pyongyang that it will not be able to guarantee their safety if fighting breaks out and the north korean regime suggested all those diplomats evacuate the capital. adding to the alert word north korea has two mis
of an airliner? we have a fact check. i'm wolf blitzer here in "the situation room." all of a sudden north korea may be a lot scarier than most americans thought. the day after we learned of a pentagon assessment that the north may have developed the ability to fire a nuclear missile pyongyang is now threatening to set japan ablaze. officials are wrangling over just what the north can or cannot do. that comes as the secretary of state john kerry is visiting seoul, south korea, warning north korea against making what he calls a huge mistake. let's go straight to our white house correspondent brianna keilar. >> reporter: they are downplaying this intelligence assessment there is modest confidence north korea could fit a weapon on a ballistics missile and fire it. officials are saying this is just a snap shot not an assessment widely accepted by the intelligence community. today here at the white house press secretary jay carney wouldn't say if president obama was surprised by this assessment as so many people were. he walked a very fine line between saying the administration is concerned about nor
time. unbelievably. >> reporter: more pieces fit together in a telephone interview wolf blitzer did with the ex-brother-in-law of the two suspects. he said he had met misha twice, introduced to him by tamerlan. he said he didn't witness misha actually turning tamerlan into a radical islamist but -- >> he surely did have influence and did teach him things that would make tamerlan, you know, go away from the people and go more into the religion and maybe, maybe that's possible that he suggested him some radical ideas. >> he said he had told him he had quit boxing and listening to mainstream music because misha taught him that in islam it's not good to do these things. asked if he suspected that misha was connected to any terrorist groups -- >> i didn't suspect either him or tamerlan being connected to terror group or having terrorist ideas, but i know that they had a lot of conversations about just, you know, islam and how islam is being attacked pr the outside -- you know, from the western countries and how islam is under pressure. >> asked when tamerlan became a more devout islam, t
in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." a stunning revelation by new york's mayor and police commissioner suggesting their city was next on the boston bombing suspect's target list. they say the surviving brother has told investigators that the plan was to bomb times square in new york. mary snow is in times square right now with the latest details. what do we know about this alleged plot, mary? >> well, what we know, wolf, is that the mayor of new york city and the city's police commissioner say they were told this information by federal investigators last night. they say this was -- there is no specifics of exactly where in times square would be talked about and they described this plan as being made spontaneously, that it was talked about last thursday night. new york city's police commissioner ray kelley described how this came about and the information that he was told by federal investigators. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev, the terrorist suspect who was captured alive initially told investigators he and his brother decided after the boston bombings
. this is an island that north korea calls a possible target. tonight, at 6:00 eastern wolf blitzer will host a special edition of "the situation room" focusing entirely on this crisis in north korea. you're not going to want to miss that. here's what we're also working on for this hour. ronald reagan's daughter says he would have supported same sex marriage. and she tells us why. and in texas everyone pretty much still on edge after a district attorney and his wife shot down, killed in their own home. now, there's a new reward. plus, living out his dream after spending years in prison for a crime he did not commit, brian banks gets a second chance at playing in the nfl. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny: i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ pop goes the world [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with tide pods. just
want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. this is the cnn situation room special report. the north korean crisis happening now. defensive missiles are up and armed, waiting for north korea's next dangerous move that could happen any time. as kim jong-un threatens war, how could he afford to test his weapons and the patience of the world? we're following the money. >>> and americans on vacation in a crisis zone. they'll tell us about their pleasure tour of north korea. >>> u.s. officials fear this could be the week north korea goes ahead with a provocative missile launch or something even worse. kim jong-un's regime warns the region is becoming a hot bed of war. tensions are only rising now that north korea is suspending operations of a huge industrial complex near the border jointly owned with south korea. our correspondents are covering this unfolding crisis and the u.s. response with tens of thousands of americans potentially at risk. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr right now. she's following the re
and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, this is "the situation room" special report. the north korean crisis, happening now. kim jong-un keeps the world on edge literally atfully moment. he won't stop with just one provocation. plus, cnn's rare visit to the dividing line between north and south korea, the most militarized border on the planet, where the threat of war is very real. and the crimes to help pay for north korea's military might is like something out of the movie, the godfather. you. >>> we begin this hour with a tough new warning from north korea today. chuck hagel says kim jong-un is skating close to a dangerous line. the communist leader could order a missile test launch at any moment. we're being told the north koreans are military masters of deception who may have something else up their sleeves as well. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us now with the latest. barbara? >> well, wolf, military masters of deception in deed. and new indications that the north koreans may have some other plans up their sleeve. defense secretary chuck hagel's message to kim jong
, erin burnett, wolf blitzer, we've been monitoring the situation here. authorities have been pursuing a suspect, a second suspect. the first one killed in a gunfire in a massive manhunt earlier this morning. now the second suspect on the run. there's been a lot of activity at a certain area in watertown. had a russian translater trying to get brought in closing the circle on this suspect is what the investigators are telling us. we heard from the uncle of the second suspect and he said this has nothing to do with the family, that they must have been radicalized here and recently. he had spoken to his nephews some three months ago, there was no evidence of this. so knowing that is the most recent information, we'll bring in peter bergman, peter, give us some context on this. >> well, i think investigators will be looking obviously at these guys' e-mail and internet activity. we talked about major nadal hasan who killed soldiers at ft. hood in 2009. we described him as a home-grown militarized radical. that's not completely accurate. he was in touch with one of the leaders in yemen. he
in and lifts the tarp. watertown police chief told cnn's wolf blitzer about those dramatic moments. >> "we could tell he was alive and moving and began negotiations that way and over a long period of time we were able to get him to surrender. >> reporter: agents yell to him to give himself up. >> you will not be harmed.we know you're bleeding. we >> reporter: police say there was an exchange of gunfire. authorities have said his injuries mainly came during thursday night's shootout when his brother was killed. fbi agents spent the day saturday combing over every inch of the boat, collecting blood, hair, signs of explosives and more to build a case against the suspected boston marathon bomber. susan candiotti. watertown, massachusetts. >> authorities continue to dig into the accused boston bomber's past. some are now connecting them to the islamic community. muslim leaders have condemned the attack and say the bombing's have created a tense environment for many american muslims. while authorities have not released any information linking the alleged attack to religion, american muslims fear
, russian name as michael. wolf blitzer talked about it with his brother-in-law who says he was introduced to misha a couple of times. listen. >> i'm not sure if he inspired or taught him to be radical islamist, but he surely did have influence, and did teach him things that would make tamerlan go away from the people and go more into the religion. and maybe, maybe that's possible that he suggested to him some radical ideas. i just know what tamerlan told me that he quit boxing and music because misha was, you know, teaching him that it's notag go in islam to do those things. >> want to dig deep near who this misha is. brian todd has been investigating this, working up a profile. do we know anything about this guy? >> we know very little, anderson. we don't know the actual full name of misha. the brother-in-law of the two suspects was asked about this. he said he doesn't know the full name. the uncle, ruslan tsarni did not know about him. but he says he thinks he brainwasheded tamerlan tsarnaev. >> the uncle admitted he hasn't seen either brother for years. so how does he know anything? >>
of the boston bombings. i'm wolf blitzer. two weeks after the terror attacks here in the united states russia launches an attack on suspected jihadists half a world away. russia forces raided a militant group with possible ties to the suspected boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. russia says two of the jihadists thatere killed in the raid in dagestan. meanwhile, the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is now locked inside a 10 x 10 foot cell with a steel door, a slot for food and a small observation window in that door. a prison spokesman says the 19-year-old is now able to speak and has been interacting with medical staff. and a memorial for the victims continues to grow in boston's copley square. thousands of people are going there to pay their respects. we have reporters on the scene bringing us all the latest developments. investigators right now are searching for any clues that will help them determine whether the boston bombings suspect tamerlan tsarnaev had tied to jih jihadist. and that overnight raid in russia is raising even more questions. for more on how the group may be linked to the
thoughts on this issue. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, chris. >>> tonight at 6:00 eastern wolf blitzer is going to devote a whole hour to the crisis in north korea. did it yesterday. really incredible show there. you want to tune into a special edition of "the situation room" that is 6:00 p.m. eastern today. >> an issue to keep watching for sure. >>> all right. now in india, a terrible story. rescue crews are still searching for survivors who might be trapped in the rubble of a building collapse. this is in mumbai. >> at least 46 people were killed, 70 others injured. but rescuers have pulled some people out alive from what is left of that building. i understand now children have been pulled out as well. >> that's right, suzanne. it's been more than 24 hours since the eight-story building collapsed in the outskirts of india's financial capital mumbai. rescuers are still digging through the rubble trying to find survivors. right now authorities say as you mentioned 46 people have died. 17 of them are children. and more than 70 others have been injured. now, authorities say they still don't know
-in-case for the unimaginable. kyung lah, cnn, south korea. >> and tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern wolf blitzer will devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. tune in for a special edition of "the situation room." not going to want to miss that as well. 6:00 p.m. eastern. >>> meanwhile, here's more of what we're working on this hour for "around the world." nothing like spending your vacation in north korea. >> kind of strange. some americans are doing just that. they just got back from a trip. they're going to actually share a couple of pictures with us. >>> and she gave controversial vacations. beyonce and jay-z of course getting a rousing applause and warm welcome on their trip to cuba. >> but some lawmakers, well, they're not happy back here at home. we'll tell you why. >>> plus, exclusive video from inside a taliban training camp. stay with us for a rare look. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul
, thanks so much. >> tonight wolf blitzer will host a special edition of "the situation room" focused entirely on the situation in north korea. a lot of people around the world paying attention to what are the next steps. >> absolutely. whole program on it too. so much to talk about. >>> taking you now to the west bank. palestinians today buried the body of a well-known prisoner, a retired general who died of cancer this week while in israeli custody. >> this huge funeral procession moved outside and filled the streets of hebron, palestinians furious at israel. they say israeli doctors denied proper medical care to that prisoner which basically allowed him to die. >> so protesters and israeli soldiers have fought several days now in the west bank. two palestinian teenagers have been killed. israelis say protesters attacked a checkpoint with fire bombs forcing them to open fire. in china health officials are now racing to solve what is really a medical mystery when you think about it. a fifth person now has died from a strain of bird flu that has never actually been seen in humans befo
helps her husband's image. >>> tonight at 6:00 eastern time wolf blitzer will devote an entire hour to the crisis in north korea. tune in for a special edition of "the situation room" at 6:00 eastern. >>> onto nova scotia, canada now. officials are taking a closer look at the alleged gang rape of a canadian teenager who killed herself a week ago. the parents of 17-year-old say the boys who attacked their daughter showed a picture of the assault to a few fellow students. after that they say a relentless campaign of online bullying began. no charges were ever filed in that case. paula newton is following this story from ottawa, canada. paula, when the attack happened a year and a half ago now we understand, police said there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. have they changed their minds now? >> they're not saying that they've changed their minds, fred. what they are saying is, look, we're going to take a fresh look at the case. so that means that they're going to look at how they handled the evidence they have and pleading with people to come forward with more evidence. but the
familiar faces about what's in store for season six. and now wolf blitzer is here to tell us what is coming up on the situation room. are you a fan of mad men? >> i just saw ben feldman standing over there. >> i go there. i interdo you some of these actors some of the actors including the kid who plays ginsberg and the first thing he says, do you know wolf blitzer? >> i'm going to ben's wedding later this year. he is a great actor. i knew him in high school, in junior high school. >> you know what else he said to me? he said you are able to do the dougie. >> everybody knows that. not inside information. >> who do you have? >> asa hutchinson coming in. >> the guy who -- >> going to talk about how to protect kids at schools and should they extend background checks to be sure kids can be protected. and newt gingrich. always exciting. he'll be in "the situation room" as well. you know what i'm going to ask based on what i just heard from your report? >> what? >> does he think hillary clinton should run for president? >> a good question. >> i am always curious to see what newt has to say. >> tha
>>> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we begin with special coverage of the boston bombing investigation. today marks two weeks since the terror attack. here is the latest information. russian special forces have raided a jihadist group with possible ties to the suspected bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev. russia says two of the jihadists were killed in the raid in dagestan. the mother of the bombing suspects just this morning told cnn she will come to the united states if she can see her son, dzhokhar. the moment she steps on u.s. soil though she could be arrested on outstanding shoplifting charges. the mother is increasingly becoming a focus of the investigation after russian officials gave the u.s. a wiretap of her possibly discussing jihad back in 2011 with one of her sons. and we're learning more about the so-called mystery man accused of radicalizing the older tsarnaev brother. the u.s. official telling cnn the fbi has interviewed someone named misha about his association with the tsarnaevs. a writer for the new york review of books tracked the man to a modest apartment in rh
. wolf blitzer who is currently in "the situation room." >> thanks very much. happening now, investigators discover at least one fingerprint among the bomb debris from the marathon attacks. it doesn't appear to belong to one of the two suspects. plus president obama renews his push to close the prison at guantanamo bay in cuba amid an alarming hunger strike involving more than half of its detainees. could you soon be seeing more nudity and profanity on your tv? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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